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Fresh Pasta with Prawns and Rocket Salad

Jamie Oliver’s “spaghetti con gamberetti e rucola” (Spaghetti with Prawns and Rocket) tastes divine, and we have it quite often, but I wanted to use the left over asparagus from the starter I’d made, which added a tasty crunch.

I also used the fresh pasta we’d bought as this has a much more absorbent and softer texture, making easier to pick up the delicate flavours of this dish.

I used a mixed salad (Baz calls it green stuff) with this dish, peppery baby leaf rocket, red cos, which is slightly bitter, but blends perfectly with the sweet nutty flavoured Batavia, and a little Mizuna which has a delicate mustard taste. I bought the salad separately but you should be able to buy it in mixed packets in the supermarket.

Here's the recipe:

Serves 2
Prep Time 5 mins
Cooking Time 5-10 mins





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