Nintendo DS Cooking Guide

by Lesley on September 7, 2008

 I recently came across some info on the new Cooking Guide programme by Nintendo and although it sounds great on paper I'm not entirely bowled over. We've been cooking since we learnt to rub flints together & create a fire.

 So I have to ask myself why do we now need a disc with some blokes’ voice in our kitchens.

 I actually prefer to have some music of my choice and a good recipe to follow, either from a book or a print off.

 There are literally millions of great recipes on the net to suit your budget or whim and if you use the food blogs you'll probably find that most recipes have been tried and tested by the authors with helpful “rescue remedies” if things go wrong.

 Books have wonderful colour photographs and you can flick through the book at your own leisure, which is pleasurable in itself.

 Yes, I know books take up room but isn't that part of the character of a kitchen? Some of mine are 30 years old!!

 My friends will often ask to borrow a certain cookery book.

 I hardly think they’ll be asking to borrow your Nintendo DS Cooking Guide for Saturday night’s meal!

 However, I do like the fact it covers international cuisine, but I’m not quite sure where I can buy the dried kelp they suggest, any ideas?

 I think I'll stick with the good old cook books, for now anyway.

 So, for lunch it's Tomato Mozzarella & Chilli Bruschetta


Hey! not a Mario brother in site!

I expect Baz will be hugging the TV anyway this afternoon looking for the winner of the Grand Prix, so he wouldn't have time to watch a cooking guide!

 McLaren 1

 Nintendo 0


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Kim (RED) September 25, 2008 at 2:05 pm

I SO AGREE!!!!! I would NEVER part with my cookbooks.. and the older and rattier, the better.
my food processor came with a disk that had the instructions and some boring video recipes..i put the thing on Fast Forward and giggled for a few seconds, then shut it off. LOL
Oh here’s a link for dried kelp..

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